Dual Microcoil Memory Mattress

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Dual Microcoil Memory Mattress

Our Dual Microcoil Memory Mattress will make a great addition to any bedroom. As part of our Classic Collection, the Dual memory mattress represents amazing value without compromising on quality or comfort.

Our traditionally open spring Dual 8mm Memory mattress contains hour glass shaped Microcoil springs, providing you with even support over the entire sleeping area. Combined with deep layers of filling and covered with CoolTouch cover, this mattress offers a comforting finish with memory foam.

Feel the sumptuous nature of memory foam that cocoons the body and allows you to gently sink into a blissful slumber. Responsive and pressure relieving, back aches and pains will soothe away to create a truly relaxing sensation.

Sink into a blissful sleep

The 8mm Memory Microcoil combines the indulgent comfort of memory foam with the firmer support of a Microcoil support system. The responsive memory foam comfort layer will gently hug you to sleep, moulding with the contours of your body, while providing soothing pressure relief.

More breathable than standard memory foam

With newly designed breathable borders, the 8mm Memory Microcoil allows for greater airflow than standard 8mm memory foam mattresses, so you can experience a fresher sleeping experience, while still enjoying the blissful cocooning properties of memory foam.

The little extras that make a big difference

Being single sided, you never have to worry about needing to flip the Memory Miracoil due to sagging as it's been tested to provide durable, long-lasting support. Plus, it's been treated with Purotex, a 100% natural probiotic that combats allergens to create a fresher and more hygienic sleeping environment.

Single Sided

This mattress is single sided with 8mm memory foam for added comfort.

Quality Assurance

  • Accredited onsite quality tested to bring the best products to you.
  • Every SnoozeSleep mattress type is tested to ensure it exceeds all British standards.

Fibre Content

Sleep Surface - 100% Polyester
Underside - 60% Polypropylene / 40% Polyester
Side Border - 64% Polyester / 36% Polypropylene
Memory foam 8mm on one side

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Weights & Dimensions

Single (3ft) Size                LxWxH
Small Double (4ft) Size     LxWxH
Double (4ft6) Size             LxWxH
King (5ft) Size                  LxWxH

Super King (6ft) Size        LxWxH





  • Microcoil zoned spring system
  • Body moulding 8mm memory foam single side
  • Generous layers of fillings
  • Luxurious CoolTouch cover for extra comfort
  • Comfort Grade – Medium
  • Made In The United Kingdom
  • Mattress Depth: 24cm

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