Ethical Timer Sourcing-policy

Laywell Beds commitment is to prohibit the purchase, sale or importation of products made from timber or other timber-related materials and fibres that were illegally sourced from their country of origin.

Our company has also a proactive approach in timber sourcing, linked to our environmental commitments

This policy concerns the products manufactured from timber, timber veneer, plywood, MDF, recycled and reclaimed wood, for all the suppliers of Laywell Beds

According to the EUTR (European Union Timber Regulation n° CE/995/2010, FLEGT regulation, and the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill (Australian regulation), our suppliers are required :

  1. To meet the EU Timber Regulation
  2. To promote sustainable wood in Laywell Beds products

EUTR requests to identify the source of all timber materials that are used in the manufacturing of all timber related products, and to take all reasonable measures to ensure that the timber materials used meets the following requirements:

-     Come from a known source;

-     Sourced legally;

-     Sourced from species not listed as threatened;

-     Not sourced from countries in conflict (as identified/defined by the EU)

-     Not sourced from protected forests or areas (high conservation areas) as has been identified by government;

-     Documentation proving legality and source;

Laywell Beds supplier is required to know the geographic source of the timber, and confirm that the harvesting entity had a legal right to harvest.

  1. Respect of EUTR and Australian regulation

 EUTR / Australian regulation has entered into force in March 2013.

 From April 2012, all suppliers will be required to provide data and documentation (certificates, invoices) regarding the timber materials used in their products, at each step of the wood transformation and product manufacturing.

If a supplier cannot provide documentation, and the source of the timber material remains unknown, Laywell Beds is committed to replacing the timber material, replacing the supplier or shall cease purchasing the product.


  1.  Sustainability

Our long term aim is to have all timber materials used in the production of furniture products credibly and ethically sourced from verified well-managed forests under a Chain of Custody program (FSC or PEFC certificates). We also encourage the certification of all timber as much as possible,

Our aim is to build long-term relationships with suppliers that share a common commitment to promote good practice in the management and supply of timber, and to minimise the environmental impact on their operations.

  Laywell Beds forest products for the 2017 calendar year are as follows:

  • 76%  FSC certified
  • 91%  Non FSC
  • 33%  Mixed