Price Match Guarantee

Price Match Guarantee

We believe that all our products offer excellent value for money and that our prices are among the lowest you will find either on the internet or in traditional retail outlets.

However, if, while researching your purchase, you find an item cheaper elsewhere then we will either beat the price or match it, email us on providing, in our opinion, the following conditions are met:

The two items must be identical. 
The price must be inclusive of VAT and any additional charges e.g. delivery. 
The item must be brand new and not reconditioned, end of line or returned stock. 
This must be the normal price of the item i.e. it isn't in a sale or on special offer. 
The alternative item must currently be available. 
Price promise only applies to goods available in the UK.


You must provide sufficient information to enable us to verify the price ourselves e.g. a link to the product page on the relevant website showing the product price and delivery charge.

 Please note that we reserve the right not to uphold the price promise if doing so would result in Laywell Beds making a loss. The price promise will not be applied retrospectively to orders already placed.

If you find any big retailer who is selling a product like us cheaper than we will