Orthopaedic Natural Fillings Memory Foam Supreno Mattress

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Orthopaedic Range

– Mircocoil Otho spring with 8 cm reflexmemory foam

The Supreno a soft firm mattress with 1250 responsive micro springs units. Superbly resilient, sumptuous natural fillings 8 cm reflex memory foam topper. With a elegance of the 3D flower  fabric cover give it the look and the feel. The Supreno is a outstanding support and insulating properties for a comfortable night sleep. Finished in the highest quality Belgian fabrics and hand tufted for durability. This is a non turntable mattress

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Weights & Dimensions

Single (3ft) Size                LxWxH
Small Double (4ft) Size     LxWxH
Double (4ft6) Size             LxWxH
King (5ft) Size                  LxWxH

Super King (6ft) Size        LxWxH



  • Microcoil springs unit
  • 6 SUPPORT edge units for extra support
  • Full orthopaedic
  • 2000 poly cotton compressed
  • 8 cm reflex memory foam
  • 5 flag stitched handles on both sides
  • Comfort Grade – Soft Firm
  • Made In The United Kingdom
  • Mattress depth 39 cm


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