S.F.D Micro Pocket Latex 2000 Mattress

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S.F.D Micro Pocket Latex 2000 Mattress

The S.F.D 2000 mattress offers you luxurious comfort with a medium level of support, all for a fantastic price. This hand crafted mattress features 2000 micro pocket springs, distributing weight evenly, supporting you where you need it most and preventing the roll-together effect.

S.F.D 2000 micro pocket springs is crafted on natural latex which is derived from the sap of a rubber tree and is commonly used within the comfort layer of a mattress. A highly responsive and elastic material, latex adapts to body movements as you sleep. Evenly distributing body weight across the mattress surface, it’s a great option if you’re looking for pressure relief. Latex is found within the comfort layer of a S.F.D mattress, above the mattress springs. S.F.D mattress is made from 100% latex for exceptional comfort and support.

We have a range of 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 micro pocket springs. The more pocket springs it is the more comfort and support you have in your mattress. This mattress is 2000 micro pocket springs mattresses

Engineered from natural and flexible latex properties to bring you an undisturbed and unrestricted night's sleep. Features our leading Micro pocket spring system for zonal and tailored support.

Engineered from natural latex

Featuring a comfort layer that's been engineered using natural latex properties, the Latex Pocket 2000 offers lasting durability and possesses both responsive and flexible properties for an undisturbed and unrestricted night's sleep that'll leave you waking up feeling well-rested and free of niggling aches and pains.

Long-lasting comfort

Latex is a highly durable and pressure relieving material that promises years of use, while being resilient to wear and tear - giving you unbeatable comfort for longer.

Tailored support from head to toe

Our intelligent and exclusive Micro pocket spring support system offers tailored and zonal support. Each spring is individually nested and reacts independently to the weight and movement of your body, providing even weight distribution, zonal support and maximum sleeping space.

The little extras that make a big difference

The Latex Pocket 2000 has been treated with Purotex, a 100% natural probiotic that combats allergens and dust mite, so you can enjoy a fresher, more hygienic sleeping experience.

Single Sided

This mattress is single sided

Quality Assurance

  • Accredited onsite quality tested to bring the best products to you.
  • Every SnoozeSleep mattress type is tested to ensure it exceeds all British standards.

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Weights & Dimensions

Single (3ft) Size                LxWxH
Small Double (4ft) Size     LxWxH
Double (4ft6) Size             LxWxH
King (5ft) Size                  LxWxH

Super King (6ft) Size        LxWxH






  • 2000 Micro pocket Spring System
  • A comfort layer of Natural Latex
  • Belgian Woven Fabric
  • A Purotex cover that that combats allergens and dust mite
  • Eolus Sustainable Fibres
  • 5 Flag stitched handles on both side
  • Comfort Grade –MEDIUM
  • Made In The United Kingdom
  • Mattress Depth: 37 cm
  • Comfort Level: Medium/Soft

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