AMOR® Micro Pocket 3000 Hand Stitched

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AMOR® Micro Pocket 3000 Hand Stitched 

Carbon neutral and compliant with PAS 2060

Better for you
Our certified 100% organic materials mean you can relax without a care. The comfy latex is tapped from groves of Hevea trees, without adding smelly petrochemicals. And who needs fire-retardant chemicals when our soft organic wool and cotton cover does the job naturally and safely?

Our 100% certified organic materials mean you can bury your nose in it without a care. There are no toxic-smelling fumes, so you and your family can lie back, relax and breathe deeply and easily right from the first night. Organic wool/cotton cover that allows air and moisture to circulate naturally so you won’t get hot & bothered.

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Weights & Dimensions

Single (3ft) Size                LxWxH
Small Double (4ft) Size     LxWxH
Double (4ft6) Size             LxWxH
King (5ft) Size                  LxWxH

Super King (6ft) Size        LxWxH





  • 3000 micro Pocket Springs
  • Egyptian Cotton border fabric
  • 4500 grams 100% BRITISH WOOL
  • 500 grams poloy cotton around the mattress boards
  • Rotate regularly
  • Hypo Allergenic – no chemically treated in any way
  • 2000 poly cotton for comfort
  • Air Vent boarders
  • Carbon neutral & compliant with PAS 2060
  • 5 Flag stitched handles on both side
  • Comfort Grade – Medium
  • Made In The United Kingdom

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