PayPal Credit

Buy now, pay later with PayPal Credit


How do I apply?

    Applying for PayPal Credit is easy. Simply add your product to cart and when you asked to choose a payment method, select PayPal. You will be asked to log into PayPal and after that you can either choose to pay the normal way or select PayPal credit. If approved and once you accept the Credit Agreement, you’ll have a credit limit linked to your PayPal account almost straight away.


    How long does it take to apply for/receive PayPal Credit? 

    The application form takes minutes to complete. PayPal will run a credit check and if approved, you’ll have a credit limit linked to your PayPal account as soon as you accept your Credit Agreement.


    What is PayPal Credit? 

    PayPal Credit is like a credit card, without the plastic. It’s a credit limit that’s attached to your PayPal account which you can use for your online purchases.


    How does the 0% for 4 months offer work? 

    0% interest for 4 months is available on single transactions of £99 or more. It applies automatically to any purchase made using PayPal Credit in excess of this value, except those to which another Promotional Purchase Offer (such as an instalment offer) applies. You can use this offer as many times as you like as long as you have an available credit limit.

    Any remaining balance due after the 4-month promotional period or any transactions under £99 will be charged at 19.9% p.a (variable). If you fail to make minimum repayments on time or in certain other circumstances, PayPal may remove your offer. Please see the Credit Agreement for more details.


    How do instalment offers with PayPal Credit work? 

    With selected merchants, when you check out with PayPal Credit, we’ll show you a selection of instalment offers, enabling you to spread the cost of your purchase across a number of payments.

    Subject to application, merchant and status, these instalment offers allow you to choose a set number of monthly payments of differing amounts and at varying interest rates. If you already have PayPal Credit, you can take advantage of these offers without having to reapply as long as you have enough available credit limit.