Natural Fillings High End Divan Set

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Floor Standing Headboard included.

•    All the sumptuous comfort by Laywell Beds and in a choice of mattress tensions
•    Feel pampered by luxurious, temperature regulating 100% British wool 
•    Firm or medium feel mattress with 2000 ReActivePro™ 9-turn pocket springs
•    Pillow top mattress, so you don’t need to turn it, just rotate regularly
•    Plush upholstered sprung base with a choice of drawer options

The Bespoke Luxury high end divan set more than lives up to its name. The mattress pampers you with sumptuous fillings including sustainably sourced cotton and pure british wool, sourced from Red Tractor assured farms with guaranteed traceability.  Wool is a natural temperature regulator, transporting heat away from your body when you are too warm and insulating you when you are cold.

30cm deep, the mattress has 2000 ReActivePro™ expertly engineered pocket springs, each with 9 active turns and Triple Edge Protection™ so you are completely supported to the very edge of the bed. Choose your comfort level – medium or firm, or medium on one side and firm on the other. The soft-to-the-touch mattress cover is unbleached cotton made to be naturally fire-resistant.

Divan Base 
The sprung divan base has a choice of drawer storage. Built from sturdy FSC-certified Scandinavian pine it’s upholstered in a choice of beautiful fabrics. 

The Ultimate Divan Base - Cloud Like Comfort

  • 2000 Pocket Springs
  • High Quality Firm Edge
  • Extends Life Of Your Mattress
  • Choice of Colours
  • Optional Storage

Our pocket sprung DIVAN base provides you with exceptional comfort and support. Here the interior of your divan base is packed with 2000 pocket springs, softening your mattress and easing the downward force applied by your weight. The use of pocket springs in the divan base ensures total support only where needed, as the springs compress to weight directly above and not on the other side of the bed, ensuring less partner disturbance if you roll or move in the night.

This top quality base also has a firm edge, firm edge bases are the ultimate in sprung divan base designs as the offer a reinforced perimeter. This eradicates the sinking feeling associated with the edge of some sprung bases as they lack adequate edge support. This base will really soften up your mattress and can really make your mattress feel like sleeping on a cloud, highly recommended if you love a comforting soft bed.

The Bespoke Luxury high end  divan set is beautifully handcrafted in Britain by the skilled artisans. Product images are representative.

Did you know? The Luxury mattress is a pillow top mattress, so you don’t need to turn it, just rotate it regularly. Please air the mattress for four hours after delivery to freshen and remove any aroma from storage. It may take time for your mattress to attain its full size once the springs have settled to the correct position. This is due to the mattress being upright during transit. Settlement of fillings and indentations caused by body weight compressing the fillings are natural and not considered defects. This can be minimised by regular rotating.

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